Family of the Swedish nobility, introduced to the House of Nobility (Riddarhuset) in Stockholm, in 1625, as no. 10 and strictly attested since 1463. Originates from the province of Uppland on the paternal side, from �sterg�tland on the maternal side.

The family is connected to the baronage Soop af Limingo no. 19, introduced in 1652, extinct in 1717, as well as to the baronage Soop, no. 87, introduced in 1689, extinct in 1700 (see Genealogy). The blazon is composed of a parted coat-of-arms with a golden right field, and a blue left field, traversed by a silver fascia. Following the ancient tradition (since 1625), the coat-of-arms is surmounted by a baronial crown.

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Propri�t� intellectuelle : Karl Soop, 2010